Posted September 30, 2018 09:16:59 A toasters’ touch screen is about to get a lot more useful as a tool to help it stay on the spot, thanks to a new design developed by researchers at Northwestern University.

    The researchers say their design could be used in the future to help keep a toaster cool or even alert, but the technology still has a long way to go before it can be deployed in a real toaster.

    The research, described in the September 28 issue of Science Advances, was conducted by researchers from Northwestern’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

    The team used a device called a thermostat to test the device’s performance.

    It found that the device could detect the heat that is generated by the touch screen and automatically adjust its temperature to match the amount of heat coming from the fan.

    “It’s a pretty neat idea,” said Michael Ziegler, the lead author of the paper and a professor in the Department of Electronic Engineering and Systems.

    “The thermostats can be quite expensive and we don’t want to put those money towards something that will be completely useless.”

    To create the thermostatic sensor, Ziegman’s team used an infrared signal that travels through a silicon transistors to detect the thermal characteristics of the toaster touchscreen.

    “We were able to take a single silicon transistor and combine it with a device that uses the same technology,” he said.

    “This allows us to put this sensor in a small device that could be attached to the surface of a toasters.

    That’s how we created the sensor.”

    The thermostatically controlled thermostant in the device works like a heat-detector, sensing the amount and temperature of heat in the vicinity of the touch-screen.

    The sensor also has a high resolution and low cost, according to Ziegmen.

    The device could also be used to detect when the device is being used in a hot environment or when it’s in a room that is hot.

    The system would require a small, lightweight device that can be attached directly to the touch pad.

    The sensors will be made available for purchase through a new company called Dyson, which Ziegmon says is currently testing the technology.

    “A lot of toasters today use a plastic or metal button that needs to be manually pressed,” he explained.

    “That’s a pain and a waste of energy, so we’ve come up with a sensor that can detect heat from a small button.”

    Zieglin said he’s already seen the device on toasters that he’s working on for his lab.

    “I’ve seen this sensor on a couple of different toasters,” he added.

    “They’re really good, but they’re still really expensive.”

    The research could have applications beyond toasters, but Ziegmer believes the technology could also help with other industrial applications.

    “There are some applications in electronics, and we want to find ways to use it for other things, like for sensors in sensors that we’ve got for things like ultrasound, for example,” he continued.

    “Or maybe for other types of sensors that don’t have sensors.

    We can use it in these other applications.”

    The researchers also plan to take their sensor technology and apply it to other devices, like toasters and other toasters in a home or a store.

    “Our goal is to make the sensor as small as possible so that it can actually be easily mounted on the touch panel,” Ziegmann said.


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