The next generation of smart glasses could be as big as the smartphone.

    And it could be even better than Google Glass, according to a new report from tech consultancy IHS.

    Here are the key takeaways:1.

    Smart glasses are going to be big.

    They’re going to take over the world in a big way.

    We know this from the rise of wearable tech like smartwatches and smart watches, and we’re seeing the trend accelerate with Google Glass.

    So the question becomes: What is it about smart glasses that makes them so powerful?

    That is, what are they doing right now that can’t be done on other smarts?2.

    The new generation of glasses will be even bigger than the smartphone in terms of screen size.

    Google Glass and Microsoft’s HoloLens both have screens that are 10 to 12 inches across.

    Samsung’s Gear VR is only 4 inches.

    But Glass has an even bigger display: It’s 4.7 inches.

    And Google has said it will make Glass 4.9 inches, with a 10-inch display for a price tag of $1,500.3.

    We’re not going to see any big changes in the technology of smarts in the next 10 to 15 years.

    In fact, IHS predicts that smart glasses are likely to stay at around the same size as smartphones.

    The company notes that wearable technology is already being developed in ways that have the potential to dramatically improve the way we interact with the world.4.

    Google’s Glass will get much better.

    As the company’s head of research, Andrew Tung, noted last year, Glass will continue to get better.

    Tung also noted that the glasses have “really strong specs” and “are really good looking.”

    Google’s goal with Glass is to be the best smartwatch in the world, and to make that happen, the company will have to make some big changes.

    Google is already working on a new camera system, called Glass+, which it says will deliver up to 10x more data per pixel.

    But Tung said Glass+ will not be able to handle all of the information you would want in a smartwatch, including the weather, time, and location of nearby buildings.

    Google says Glass+ won’t be ready for mass production until 2021.

    Glass+ is also expected to have a few other upgrades.

    Google will be rolling out new software and hardware updates over the next several years, with Glass+ getting those updates first.

    But these upgrades will not make up for the loss of the traditional camera, which has been a big part of Google’s success.5.

    Glass is going to get much more powerful.

    IHS expects Glass to be 10 times as powerful as the iPhone.

    And while it’s still too early to tell how powerful Glass will be, I’m guessing it will be much more than the iPhone, which was a huge disappointment to consumers.

    The iPhone had some very powerful features, including an advanced camera, and the ability to access and record videos.

    But in general, it was not the most powerful smartphone ever made.

    The HTC One, for example, had a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 808 processor and a 16GB internal memory.

    But while the iPhone had a much more expensive battery and larger display, it didn’t have any of those things.

    IH is also predicting that the Glass+ camera system will be significantly faster than its predecessor.

    Glass will also get new software updates that will make it much faster than current Android phones, with new features like high-speed, low-power Bluetooth, which will allow the glasses to record more video at once.

    I’ve been using Google Glass for the past two months and it’s working great.

    There’s no reason why it can’t keep up with the iPhone and Android.

    I’m already planning on using it as my main smartwatch.

    But I can’t wait to see what Glass+ can do when it comes out.


    Glass’ glasses are not going anywhere.

    Google said Glass is designed to keep up.

    But Google Glass isn’t just a smart phone.

    Google has also said Glass will work with a range of other smartwares.

    I expect Google to offer Glass+ as a replacement for smartwears that aren’t designed to integrate with Glass, such as Apple’s Watch, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, or Samsung’s upcoming Gear VR.

    Google also said that it will sell Glass+ for a much lower price, probably $1 a pop.

    This will mean that Google Glass+ users will have a much better choice of smartwands for their next big project, which may include a new smartphone.7.

    The next wave of smart watches is already in development.

    Samsung and Huawei have been working on smartwear that could integrate with Google’s glasses.

    Apple has also been developing its own smartwalls for wearables, but they’re not ready for prime time yet.

    But it looks like Google is about to take the smartwatch game to the next level.

    Google just announced the first Glass+ prototype, which it


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