Flip on your phone’s screen to show or hide your profile photo, switch between apps and access your contacts, then tap to send an email.

    The app allows you to switch between tabs on the phone, but it also lets you create a “personalized” section for your most important contacts and messages.

    When you tap on one of these tabs, you can see a small pop-up menu that you can use to customize the app for you.

    When the app detects that you are in a section of the app with a list of contacts, it automatically adds it to your home screen.

    The default setting allows you access to all of your contacts in a personalized section on the home screen, so if you only want to see a list in a personal section, you will have to manually enter your contacts into the app.

    However, you are also able to add as many contacts as you want, and you can also save and load contacts between apps.

    It is possible to switch from one app to another, so you can add multiple contacts to the list of favorites or add multiple contact types to a list.

    You can also easily delete a contact from your list of favorite contacts, and when you are done, you simply swipe away from the contact.

    You can set a default app to display the home page of the phone and add it to the app’s home screen if you are using the same device.

    If you want to switch apps from one device to another and back, you need to create a new app.

    The Flip app also allows you create multiple lists in one app, and it lets you assign contacts to a new list on the flip.

    When using Flip to do a quick look-up or a quick email, it displays a personalized email list for each contact.

    You also can add as much or as little information as you like into the email list, such as your favorite band name, your favorite album title, or even your favorite restaurant or coffee shop.

    The interface is a bit rough, with a lot of options and buttons to choose from, but that’s to be expected from a non-functional mobile app.

    When I was using Flip on my iPhone 6s, it was not responsive, so I had to use the dedicated iPad app, Flip to email, which was more responsive.

    The Flip app does not have an “always on” mode.

    The only real downside to the Flip app is the limited functionality it offers.

    If it can do one thing right, it should do another.

    But, for most people, the Flip feature is more useful than the app itself.

    The Bottom LineWhen it comes to a basic phone or tablet, the iPhone 6S has a lot to offer.

    Its camera and front-facing camera are among the best in the industry, and its design makes it a great phone for taking photos and videos.

    But the best part of the iPhone is that you don’t have to buy a new phone each year to enjoy its camera and video features.

    The iPhone 6 offers everything that an iPhone has to offer and much more.


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