Apple has confirmed it will begin shipping its new iPhones with the new, faster fingerprint scanner that will work with both touch and spod screens.

    Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner is capable of reading the depth and texture of the sensor’s surface and using it to unlock a device.

    The new sensor also uses two layers of sensor and capacitive sensors to generate a unique fingerprint.

    Both layers of the scanner can be used together or individually, and they can both be combined for an even more secure fingerprint.

    The new technology is a departure from Apple’s previous Touch ID, which had a different interface, including a fingerprint sensor on the side of the phone.

    The new sensor, which Apple describes as a “high performance, high resolution” sensor, is more compact, lighter and thinner than previous generations of Touch ID.

    This is the first time the company has made the new sensor available for sale.

    The sensor, made by Advanced Micro Devices, is available in four different colors.

    We’ve been testing the new scanner for about a week, and the company says it is ready for mass production, which should be expected in the first quarter of 2018.

    Apple says the new fingerprint sensor has been designed to be used on both sides of the iPhone.

    When you press the screen, it automatically rotates to match the angle of your finger, which makes it easy to get the phone’s fingerprint.

    The scanner works with the iPhone’s rear fingerprint sensor, as well as the back and sides of phones.

    This means you don’t have to press a finger against a wall to unlock your iPhone.

    It also means you can use the sensor on either side of your phone, which means you have two options.

    You can use one of the sensors for both sides and one for the rear.

    If you have a backlit screen, you can either press your finger against the back of the device, or use the fingerprint sensor for both the front and back of your iPhone, which will allow you to unlock both sides.

    Another option is to use both front and rear.

    If you have an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus with a 3D Touch screen, both front-facing and rear-facing fingerprint sensors will work together, making it possible to unlock each side of a device without having to press your hand against a screen.

    This will be the only way to unlock devices with a front and front-face fingerprint sensor.

    If you’re a frequent iPhone user, you probably know how much you like the back-and-forth gestures that the Touch ID technology uses.

    When you press and hold the fingerprint scanner’s button, the fingerprint is read by the fingerprint reader and sent to the iPhone to unlock.

    If the phone can detect the fingerprint, it will then automatically unlock the device.

    Apple says this new fingerprint technology has been engineered to work with spod and touch screens, which are much more user-friendly than the previous two technologies.

    Spod screens are thinner and lighter than Touch ID and have been designed specifically for this use case.

    The device will work in all touchscreen configurations, including the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6, but only with the front- and back-facing sensors.

    If your fingerprint scanner isn’t already compatible with both the Touch and front sensor, you will need to purchase an adapter to use it with either sensor.

    There are three different adapters available: the Apple A12, Apple A15 and Apple A17.


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