A new study by Microsoft and Oxford University has concluded that the iPad, the most popular tablet on the market, isn’t the best one.

    The researchers say it’s not just about design, but also the overall usability.

    “It’s really a matter of quality and usability,” said Stephen J. Schuessler, a Microsoft vice president and principal research scientist.

    “In terms of quality, if you look at the iPad itself, it’s just the right size, it looks good,” Schu Kessler said in an interview.

    “And it feels great.”

    The researchers reviewed more than 8 million reviews on Amazon and other online retailers for the iPad.

    They found that most users were impressed by the tablet’s design and battery life, but they also found it to be lacking in the other areas, such as software features.

    “The overall usability is not as great as people would like, because the software is not there,” said Schu.

    The iPad has an aluminum frame and glass display that’s slightly thicker than an iPhone.

    It has a built-in camera, which can capture 720p video, a speaker, a microphone and infrared sensors, along with an accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, and a touch sensor.

    But the iPad also lacks a stylus.

    “Apple is not going to be making an iPad that’s going to compete with other tablets,” Schuyler said.

    “What we’re doing is going to take the iPad from a tablet that people are just going to use to read and play with, to a tablet where they are going to have to interact with it a little bit more.”

    To do that, the researchers designed a test device that would allow users to use the iPad as a tablet, rather than just a tablet.

    It would allow them to take notes, create documents, and navigate menus, all on the go.

    The researchers also built a “chat-based” experience that would let users share information with each other and control their devices from a smartphone.

    “You’re essentially just a normal user, just with a keyboard and a mouse,” Schuchler said, referring to the iPad’s size.

    “So it’s a completely different way of interacting with the iPad.”

    The iPad also has a number of limitations.

    It’s not an Internet-connected device, which means it can’t send messages, play games, and even use Siri to perform tasks.

    In fact, Siri can only do so much when it has no input.

    The iPad also doesn’t support the new Siri voice command technology that has been popular with consumers.

    And it can only work with certain operating systems, which could make it difficult for people with limited computer skills to use.

    Apple CEO Tim Cook has been a strong advocate of tablets, and he’s talked about the iPad and the iPhone as “flagships” for the future of computing.

    But Schu said he doesn’t see a reason why the iPad couldn’t also be a great device for work, home, or even just playing video games.

    “If you’re not a developer, or if you’re a consumer who doesn’t care about the technology that you’re using, the iPad is really the best device to get a developer to do what they need to do,” Schue said.

    For example, the tablet could be used to help you track your workouts and the time you spend at a meeting.

    And if you need a new laptop, it could also be used for that purpose.

    “I think you could have a conversation with an Apple executive or someone who’s not necessarily a developer or an IT guy and say, ‘Look, we’re just using this as a way to do the things that we need to be doing,'” Schu added.

    “We’re not trying to make a new product,” Schüsel said.

    “But we think that this is a great way to introduce more developers to the iPhone.”

    To help developers get the most out of the iPad in this way, Apple recently announced a partnership with the International Federation of Home Automation (IFAH), which will allow them more control over how the iPad looks and functions.

    “This is really about creating a device that can be used by developers to build the apps that they want, and then by Apple to make sure that those apps get into the hands of consumers,” Schule said.

    The results of the study are expected to be published in the next couple of weeks.


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