The latest iteration of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan is equipped with an array of touch screens, which allow drivers to use the instrument cluster, phone, and other functions.

    The Mercedes-AMG C60E was the first car in the C-class lineup to receive an all-touch screen system.

    It is equipped only with the touchscreen, but the system can be controlled from the front seats.

    The C60CX, C60D, and C60GT are all equipped with touchscreens.

    In an effort to expand the driver’s interface with the latest models, the German automaker is expanding the range of touchscores for its new C-Series, C-E and C-G sedans.

    According to the company, the all-screen system for the C60 is designed to “enhance the driving experience” of the drivers and “enable the driver to concentrate more on the road and the road itself.”

    This system has a “slightly different interface” than the previous versions of the C50, but it still uses the same navigation system as the previous models.

    The C60 has an adaptive infotainment system and a digital steering wheel, along with a pair of USB-C ports for charging and connecting a new USB-connected USB-cable.

    The all-electric C60GS has a fully electric rear-wheel drive system that offers “the highest possible range” while “providing excellent energy efficiency and safety.”

    The C61 is equipped “with a high-efficiency electric motor and electric propulsion,” as well as a lithium ion battery.

    The electric C60X, which starts at $50,000, “is the world’s first all-wheel-drive hybrid C-series sedan.”

    The model will also include a new-generation “GPS-enabled adaptive cruise control,” as an option.

    The car will be offered with a standard four-wheel steering wheel.

    All models will also have a rear-mounted infotactically controlled navigation system, with the ability to use an on-board system with the rear-seat entertainment system, as well.

    The new C60 sedan has an MSRP of $40,999, which makes it the lowest-priced sedans on the market, but that’s a lot of money to spend on a few pieces of equipment.

    The latest C60s will be available in two configurations: the base C60 with all-digital touchscreen, and the upgraded C60G with a touch screen.

    The upgraded C63 sedan will feature an all new exterior design that is based on the “high-performance, all-weather” C63 Coupe.

    The new car will also feature a “high performance, all new” exterior design, as part of an effort by the German manufacturer to make the car “a more compact vehicle.”


    The new Asus touch screen driver

    The new driver for the Asus touch panel driver has been updated to support all touch screens, even ones that don’t support touch screen functionality. The driver is based on the Nvidia driver that has been released recently. Asus says it is releasing the new driver as…

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