It has become clear that Android and Apple are no longer the dominant smartphone manufacturers.

    That is, the first half of 2017 is over, but not for long.

    As smartphone manufacturers become more and more focused on improving their phones and the performance of their hardware, the next generation of smartphones will become more powerful, more powerful with glass, more and better with touch, and more and even more powerful as the software becomes more and further advanced.

    That means that the next smartphones that we see will be more powerful than ever before, and the next generations of smartphones that come after them will be even more capable.

    The first phone to really break the glass ceiling is the Xiaomi Mi 5 , the latest smartphone in Xiaomi’s line-up.

    Xiaomi is a Chinese company with a name that rhymes with glass.

    Xiaomi smartphones are mostly plastic-clad smartphones that have a removable battery, an attractive design, and a high-quality display that comes in a variety of colors.

    The Mi 5 is the only smartphone in the line that features an all plastic display.

    Xiaomi also made its name by being one of the first smartphone makers to make a glass-on-glass display.

    The Xiaomi Mi 4 and Mi 5 both feature a glass display that was used in the phone for over a year before being replaced with an LCD display.

    While Xiaomi’s first glass-based smartphone was the Mi 4, it was not the only one to use glass-metal technology in its flagship smartphone lineup.

    The OnePlus 2 featured glass-to-glass technology in the front of the phone.

    In the past, other phones using glass were the LG G2 and the HTC U11.

    The new Xiaomi Mi5 uses the same glass technology as the Mi4 and Mi5, but it has an all metal front panel and a glass rear panel.

    This new glass smartphone is actually the third one in Xiaomi line-ups that uses glass.

    It is the first to use a glass screen, and it is the second phone to use the same display technology as an Android phone.

    The phone is available in four colors: gold, silver, red and blue.

    The color options on the phone are gold, gold, red, and blue, with the latter two colors being a very nice color choice.

    The aluminum front of this new Mi 5 will be removable.

    It has an aluminum frame and a metal back panel.

    The design of the Mi 5 has not changed much from the Mi 3, and this is one of its biggest changes.

    The metal frame and the metal back is made of a different material.

    Instead of a glass shell, it is made from a metal alloy.

    It comes in four different colors, with a single metal color being a matte finish and the rest of the colors being clear or glossy.

    The front of Xiaomi Mi phones are all glass.

    On the Mi5’s front is a single red button, which is also used as the volume rocker on other Xiaomi phones.

    The back of the smartphone has a single blue LED, which can be turned on and off.

    The buttons on the Mi 6 and Mi 6 Plus use a plastic back, but the buttons on Mi 5 and Mi 3 use metal back covers.

    The device’s screen is covered by a matte black plastic case.

    The smartphone has 4.5-inch display, but this is only used for selfies.

    Xiaomi has also included a fingerprint scanner on the back of this phone.

    As you might expect, the Mi 7 and Mi 7 Plus are the most expensive Xiaomi phones to date, at about $2,000 and $2 to $2.50, respectively.

    The fingerprint scanner is not quite as good as the fingerprint scanner in the LG, HTC, and Samsung phones.

    On Mi 7, for example, it can only unlock the phone by touching the screen.

    On Xiaomi Mi 7Plus, the fingerprint reader works for the whole screen, so you can touch and swipe across the display for the entire phone.

    Xiaomi Mi 6 has a slightly better fingerprint scanner than the Mi7, but again, you can only swipe across to unlock the device by touching it.

    The display is a 5.8-inch 720p IPS display with Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

    The camera on this phone is a 12-megapixel camera with a f/1.7 aperture.

    The image quality of this camera is excellent.

    Xiaomi claims that this camera has a pixel density of 439ppi and a pixel angle of 178 degrees.

    That’s a pixel count of 2,741 pixels.

    Xiaomi says that the camera is capable of capturing up to 1080p at 25mm focal length.

    Xiaomi uses the sensor for high-resolution selfies, as well.

    The screen on this Mi phone has a resolution of 1920×1080, which means it can display full 1080p video.

    This means that it can play full 1080 video at 25 frames per second.

    This is very useful for selfies, since it allows for better selfies than


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