In my first post on how to put my microwave on the wall, I said I wanted it to be easy to set up and use, and that I was going to use my iPhone to check for a battery.

    I also said I would use the microwave as a remote control for a remote device, and would like it to turn off when it’s not being used, but I haven’t had a chance to test that yet. 

    I’ve tried this.

    First, I turned on the microwave, and it worked.

    Then, I connected the microwave to the outlet I use to charge my iPhone.

    When I turned the microwave on, I was greeted with a nice, bright blue screen with the microwave’s name and battery icon.

    Then the microwave shut off.

    When it was off, the microwave worked.

    So did the iPhone, but it didn’t turn off the iPhone or turn on the television.

    When the microwave was turned off, I opened the microwave and looked at the phone, but the microwave still had no signal.

    I tried the same thing with the iPhone.

    I used the same app I use for my phone, and I tried to get the microwave working.

    The microwave worked for me.

    The iPhone was a little slow, but after a while, it started working.

    I was able to turn it off and turn it back on and then off again.

    I didn’t need to open it again, because it worked the first time. 

    So now that I’ve gotten a handle on this, I’m going to go out and try to get a microwave working with the remote control that I have installed in my garage. 

    The problem is that I haven�t had the microwave connected to my iPhone for a few months.

    I think it�s because I have an iPhone 6s, a new Apple TV, and an iPad Air.

    But I have another remote control installed in the house, and the one that I�ve tried working on the remote is a remote that can be used as a Bluetooth speaker.

    It also has a speakerphone on it, and so it would be ideal for my microwave to work.

    But since I have the remote installed in that garage, I will have to find another way to make the microwave work. 

    But this remote control isn�t a bad idea, either.

    There is no remote control out there that is designed to work on a microwave.

    It works great with a range of products, including a range that is up to 100 feet.

    But this remote also has the capability to work as a battery backup to a remote.

    I would like to be able to set it to keep my phone charged up until I turn it on again, but that will require having the phone plugged in while it�d be on. 

    This remote can also be used for the remote that I installed in another room, and has a range from 15 feet to a maximum of 25 feet.

    This remote also features an antenna that can take signals from a smartphone, iPad, or Apple TV and send them to a receiver, making it ideal for a portable speaker. 

    If you want to try this remote, you can find it on Amazon for $49.99, which includes free shipping.

    If you have a Bluetooth device that is compatible with the Apple TV remote, it will also work.

    It comes with a remote, two batteries, and a wireless charging cable.

    I have not tested it with any of my other Bluetooth devices, but my iPad Air has been working with this remote for the last month.


    The new Asus touch screen driver

    The new driver for the Asus touch panel driver has been updated to support all touch screens, even ones that don’t support touch screen functionality. The driver is based on the Nvidia driver that has been released recently. Asus says it is releasing the new driver as…

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